Coverage Options

Coverage Options

Monthly Aftercare

Whether you need coverage every day, or just one day per week, our program allows flexibility. Registration begins in August and is ongoing through out the school year. Schedule changes are allowed between trimesters. You may end your enrollment or changes your schedule at these times by emailing Carolyn Rogalsky at

Partial Afternoons

Each Partial Afternoon is a half afternoon of coverage: from school dismissal to 4:40pm (“EARLY Partial”), or 4:40 to 6:30pm (“LATE Partial”). You can register for Partial Afternoons just as you do for full days; the same rules apply.

Drop In Aftercare

Families may enroll in Carroll Kids Aftercare on a drop in basis. You MUST pre-register to take advantage of our Drop In program. You can do this by creating an account here and registering for Aftercare (but do NOT select your days). Your account must be created at least 7 days in advance of your first Drop In. We highly recommend setting this up at the beginning of the school year.

Drop Ins are available to families if there is space in our Aftercare program. Requests need to be made by email to or phone by calling 718-330-9322 x1001 at least 24 hours in advance. Please include your child's full name, classroom and the date your need childcare. For Mondays, please notify us by Friday. Drop Ins may be scheduled in advance (in fact, this is preferred!). Once a Drop In reservation is confirmed, it may not be cancelled. Drop ins are $45 per day per child for K - 5; $50 per day per child for PreK.

Please note: we no longer offer Early or Late Partial Drop In options. Your child may attend for any amount of time up until 6:30pm on a Drop In day.

Coverage During School Non-Attendance Days: “Carroll Kids Camp”

This school year includes 3 non-attendance days when the building is open but students do not attend. Non-attendance days include Tuesday, November 6; Thursday, June 6; and Monday, June 11. On these occasions, Carroll Kids will run all-day camps from 8:30am to 6:30pm. Students may register for the day (8:30am to 3pm) and/or extended day (3pm to 6:30pm). The cost of “Carroll Kids Camp” varies according to the activities planned. (In the past we’ve visited Liberty Science Center, Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Greenwood Cemetery, gone bowling, and to the movies.) If the non-attendance day falls on a day of the week that your child is already enrolled in Carroll Kids, there is no extra charge for the extended day portion.

Coverage During Half-Days of School

Half-day coverage ($40/day) is for the period from 12:10pm until 3:10pm when Carroll Kids begins. On school half days, every parent interested in coverage from 12:10 to 3:10 MUST REGISTER! A charge of $40 will be applied, even if you are registered for Carroll Kids that day. If your child is already registered for Carroll Kids on the day of the 1/2 day, you will only be charged extra if you register for the extra coverage. If you are not registered for Carroll Kids on the 1/2 day, you can register for both the 12:10pm to 3:10pm and the 3:10pm to 6:10pm, but you must register for both. If your child is already enrolled in Aftercare on the day of week on which a half-day is scheduled, there is no extra charge for the 3:10pm to 6:30pm portion of the day. This year’s half-days fall on: Thursday, November 15 and Thursday, March 14.

Questions or Changes?

To notify us of a trimester schedule change or to withdraw from trimester Aftercare, or with a billing question, please email or call 718-330-9322 x1001. We’re always happy to help!

Carroll Kids will close for the year on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.

Carroll Kids, the PS58 PTA Afterschool, is a Not-For-Profit Organization and qualifies as childcare for tax purposes. EIN: 54-2159278

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