Teacher Mini-Grant Application

Mini-grant & curricular-grant applications

Classroom mini-grants

Here’s how it works for teachers:
  1. Make your purchases. Make every effort to find a good price, to consider Amazon Smile, or the PTA or the school’s Non-profit Tax ID number to eliminate taxes as allowed, and to share equipment with other teachers. Summer purchases are eligible.
  2. Submit your original receipts and the reimbursement form (Reimbursement Form) to the mini-grant mailbox in the main office.
  3. If needed, you may request direct payment to a vendor for purchases over $100. If you want to purchase an item that costs over $100, email us so that we can be sure it is not already available.
  4. Items purchased with mini-grant funds must be used during the school year and remain in the school as school property.

If you have questions or are unsure about how much money you have left in your mini-grant allocation (if any), contact us at mini-grants@ps58pta.org. We are here to help.

Curricular mini-grants

The committee will also offer curricular grants this year. These separate funds are available for specific additional expenses—either related to a thoughtful creative learning project or to an unexpected, unique or unmet need.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Teachers apply using the attached curricular-grant form (Curricular Grant Form). These grants should encourage creative and innovative approaches to learning.
  2. The grant is reviewed by the Mini-Grant Committee for approval or revision.
  3. When approved, make purchases and submit all receipts with the original approved request for reimbursement. Please return all forms to our mailbox.
  4. For purchases over $100, the PTA may pay vendors directly rather than reimbursing teachers. In these instances, please make sure you have attached all applicable forms, including invoices and a W-9 from the vendor.

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