STRIDE Diversity Committee

Social Justice, Trust, Respect, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Parents are invited to attend STRIDE meetings. We meet once a month. Please join us. At every meeting there will be an opportunity for parents to speak about issues they feel are important and contribute to this very important work.

STRIDE has a new dedicated website for the PS 58 Community.

About us

STRIDE, the PS 58 Diversity Committee, is a working group comprised of teachers, administration, staff and families working to promote a culturally responsive curriculum within our school and adapt both curricular and extracurricular programs to be more representative of the diversity within our Brooklyn community and society at large. Although the group initially grew out of the diversity initiatives on the School Leadership team (SLT), we are now an independent group that has been working to assess diversity related programs that already exist at PS 58 and find out where we can improve as a school. Since our initial work as part of the SLT, the District 15 Elementary and Middle School Superintendent mandated that all D15 schools have a diversity committee, adding additional importance to our work and to the potential interest of parents in what we are doing as a school to address these issues.

At PS 58, we will uphold anti-racism in our mission and policies, and we commit to:

  • EDUCATE ourselves on anti-racist practices collectively as a school and as individuals.
  • EXAMINE ourselves and the ways in which living under systemic racism leads white people to act, knowingly or unknowingly, in racist ways.
  • RECOGNIZE that those with privilege must use it to act as allies for the Black community.
  • FOSTER dialogue with our students in the classroom and with families at home.