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Winter 2024

Registration for Enrichment Classes opens Monday, December 4 at 10am.

The winter Enrichment session begins on Tuesday, January 2 and goes through Friday, April 12. We save a week at the end of the session for any makeups. Coverage during make up weeks is now included. Please email your request to

For Enrichment questions, please email

Aftercare registration opens Monday, December 11 at 10am.

For Aftercare questions, please email

Please review the following important information, or CLICK HERE to register.
  1. Please only have one person from your family register. Some families are using multiple devices and people to access the registration site. We need to slow down the traffic to ensure a better experience for everyone. Please be patient and don’t refresh constantly. Add your child to waiting lists if you don’t get a spot right away. There is usually movement from the waitlist the very first day!
  2. We use Sawyer for our online registration software. Please make sure to go online in advance of enrichment class registration to create an account for your family. There is an annual per family fee of $25 which must be paid prior to class registrations. This only needs to be purchased once per school year per family. You can see if you have a membership on your account by looking in the Orders tab (
  3. Check your login email and password in advance of registration. Take the time to reset your password if necessary.
  4. Please only use one Sawyer account to register your family. It creates ongoing problems for us if students have more than one account.
  5. You can always access your Sawyer Portal to see past classes booked, print receipts and update any registration information:
  6. Using the search feature in your web browser is sometimes the fastest way to locate a class. (Control + F). You can also click into each button below to see grade specific offerings. Within the grade specific buttons, you can also narrow down by day. On this page, down below, you will find the unfiltered list.
  7. Check your login email and password in advance of the start of registration. Take the time to reset your password, if necessary.
  8. For Enrichment Classes: Once registration opens, if you are interested in a class that you think might fill up quickly, put that class in your cart right away! When you add a class to your cart, your spot is held for up to 10 minutes. During that time, no one else can take that spot. But if you remove it from your cart or if you take more than 10 minutes to check out, the spot will re-open to anyone who adds it to their cart. Please be sure to purchase before your 10-minute window closes. The clock starts from the minute you add the first class to the cart.
  9. If a class is full, join the waitlist. Spots often open up. When that happens you will automatically be entered from the waiting list, but you’re not obliged to take it. If you don’t want the spot, just let us know, and we can refund you and move on to the next person on the list. If you don’t get a spot this session, you will get priority to register for the next session, provided the class is offered again.
  10. Please don’t sign up for multiple classes on one day with the intention of dropping them after you make up your mind. Let’s be kind and make sure everyone has fair access.
  11. Please check to ensure that your child(ren)’s grade, classroom, medical info and pick up info are correct in your Sawyer account. 
  12. Please check your schedule using the Sawyer calendar when you are done with registration. It’s the best way to confirm your class and aftercare registrations. You can find it by clicking here.

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