PS 58 Brooklyn – The Carroll School – Kindness matters, respect matters, hard work matters.
PS 58 Brooklyn – The Carroll School – Kindness matters, respect matters, hard work matters.


Children are eligible to attend free, NYC Universal Pre-K programs the year they turn 4.

Current Year

At this time we have filled all our pre-K seats and have a wait list of zoned children for the current year. To add your child’s name, you must come in person to the school office.

You can search for an alternate high-quality, free, Universal Pre-K program at the Department of Education’s website: There are programs with seats available. Use the Find A School tool at the top of the DoE website’s homepage.

Next school year, September 2020

Application period: February to April 24th

The citywide Pre-K application period for September 2020 will be open from early February to April 24th. Please read the information available at the NYC Department of Education’s Pre-K Enrollment web page. You can sign up for the Pre-K admissions newsletter from the Department of Education so that you will be notified when the application period for 2020-2021 opens.

Families will be able to rank up to 12 Pre-K programs on their application. Seat offers are sent in late spring. You must pre-register by the deadline to claim your offered seat. Your child will be placed on a wait list for any program that you listed higher on your application. If a seat opens once pre-registration is over, we will call families on our wait list in order.


Most of our pre-K seats are offered to children who live in the school’s zone and who also have an older brother or sister who attends PS 58. This year, we were able to offer seats to two or three zoned families who did not have an older child enrolled here. In some years, we have a wait list of zoned children who have siblings at our school. We have not been able to offer a seat to a child who lives outside of our zone in many years.

Changes to Our Zone and Admissions for September 2021

New students entering our school in September 2021 will be affected by changes to admissions policies. These changes could include a reduction in the size of our school zone, or an elimination of individual school zones in our subdistrict and a switch to a lottery-based choice system. To learn more about the latest proposals and to provide feedback, please visit the Community Education Council District 15 website. Scroll down to view the section on Equity & Excellence in D15 Through Rezoning & Admissions.

If you have feedback on the rezoning, please write to:

Pre-K Information Session and Tour: February 12th, 9am

We will host a Pre-K Information Session date on February 12th at 9:00am. At that session, we will hear from our Pre-K teachers and learn about the day to day routines of our Pre-K students. We will take a short tour of the main building and visit our single Pre-K classroom here in the main building. We do not provide tours of our two Pre-K classrooms at our annex, 131 Union Street.

Families who receive a seat offer to PS 58 Pre-K will be asked to pre-register at the Annex, and will tour the two classrooms at that time.

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