French Dual Language Program (DLP)

PS 58 introduced its first Dual Language French/English Program in 2007.

Each class contains two language populations: English-dominant students (anglophones) and French-fluent students (francophones). During the course of the program, each group of children learn the second language. Bilingual children are usually dominant in one of the two languages, and will begin to learn to read and write in their dominant language while also learning in their second language.

The entry point for the program is Kindergarten. Most students move up each year as a cohort into the next grade, so there are fewer seats available for newcomers beyond their Kindergarten year. Children who are fluent in French can be enrolled in the DLP in any grade as long as we have available seats. Unfortunately, children who do not speak French fluently are not candidates for the program after Kindergarten.

What is a DLP?

  • a bilingual program where students learn in two languages
  • an English-Language-Learner program for French-speaking students to increase English proficiency
  • a program which has classes comprised of students who are native English speakers and native speakers of another language (in our program, French)
  • it integrates linguistically diverse students for all or most of their academic subjects
  • it uses the other language for 50% of the academic instructional time

Goals for students in the DLP

  • to meet or exceed NY State and City standards
  • to develop proficiency in their first language
  • to develop proficiency in their second language
  • to attain a higher level of self-esteem
  • to develop an appreciation for cultural diversity

How DLP classes are structured

Our goal is for instructional time to be equally divided between French and English, but the 50/50 model can have many formats:

Type of ClassLanguage Instruction Provided by Teacher(s)50/50 Time Division of Language Instruction
self-contained, one bilingual teacher1 bilingual teacherPartial day taught in French, partial day taught in English OR alternating full days taught in French or English
self-contained, alternating teachers1 teacher in French & 1 teacher in English (2 teachers/classes per grade)Alternate full days in French and English (teachers switch classrooms each day)
side-by-side2 teachers: 1 teacher in French and 1 teacher in English for 2 classes on each gradeAlternate full days in French and English (students switch teachers/classrooms each day)

Here is an example of an upper-grade “side-by-side” class schedule: Class A would learn in the French teacher’s classroom on Monday, while Class B would learn in the English teacher’s classroom. On Tuesday, Class A would be with the English teacher, and Class B would be with the French teacher. On Wednesday, Class A would be back with the French teacher, and Class B would be back with the English teacher; and so on.

How to apply

For admissions information, please see the Enroll section on the main navigation bar.

Entry into a dual language program is a multi-year commitment involving the family as well as the student. Students learn to become multi-cultural, bilingual and bi-literate. Most children who enter the program in Kindergarten continue in the program through fifth grade.

FAQs for families

General questions

What is the structure of the PS 58 DLP?

How do I know if my child is an “anglophone” or “francophone”?

Which subjects are taught in French, and which are taught in English?

Do students learn in both languages in specialty classes?

How do I enroll my child in the DLP?

If my student does not get a seat in the DLP, will s/he be exposed to any other languages at PS 58?

Questions from an anglophone family

When entering the DLP, how will my child understand what his/her teacher and classmates are saying in French?

When will my child start speaking in French?

When will my child start reading and writing in French?

Will my child have French homework, and how much?

Do I need to know French to help my child with homework? Is there any help with homework that the school provides?

How might I support my child with French at home? What if my spouse and I don’t know any French?

My child speaks English and another language; will adding French be too confusing?

Will my child progress in English reading and writing at the same pace as students in all-English classes?

How do we know if my child is a good fit for this program?

Questions from a francophone family

Does the DLP follow the French curriculum? Is the DLP accredited by the French Ministry of Education?

Will my child be reading and writing in both languages?

Once my child begins reading and writing in both languages, will s/he progress in English literacy at the same pace as anglophone students and/or students in all-English classes?

Will my child be learning French grammar? How much?

Do francophone children get different homework in French and are they challenged?

Are the DLP teachers native speakers of French?

How can I support my child’s bilingualism at home?

List of French resources

Below is a list containing resources for French language learners. This list, created by the PS 58 DLP Liaison Committee of parents, might be helpful for anglophones in the DLP as well as for francophones who would like to research additional French resources in our community, and students outside the DLP who are interested in learning more French.

Resources for French learners

This list has been created by parents of the DLP Liaison Committee for the convenience of other parents and should not be construed as an endorsement of each program. This list is not exhaustive and you are encouraged to find what works for your family in terms of location, cost, method, etc. If you know of other resources that might be useful to other families, please contact the DLP Liaison Committee.

*Starred resources are free!

PS 58 Resources
  • Carroll Kids Enrichment class with EFNY: Weekly afterschool classes for French native speakers or beginners, help with homework. Visit the Carroll Kids Enrichment page for more information.
Magazines and Subscriptions
  • Bayard: Magazines for every age and interest. Kids love getting their own magazine in the mail, with content designed just for them.
  • L’école des loisirs: Subscribe to receive a new French book every month!
Bookstores and Libraries
  • Shipping from our neighbors to the north is usually cheaper than from France, but you can certainly buy books at too. Also don’t forget to check regular old for (usually used) French books!
  • Librairie Albertine: Independent bookstore located in the Cultural Services of the French Embassy offering French books for children and adults.
  • La Librairie des Enfants: This Upper East Side bookshop offers a great selection of children’s books in French along with classes, children’s activities and a book-lending program. Staff is very knowledgeable and can help you find just the right books for your needs.
  • FIAF: The French Institute / Alliance Française also has a vast library that members can consult and borrow from.
  • *Brooklyn Public Library – All Branches: All Brooklyn Public Libraries have foreign language books for children and adults!
Websites and Apps
  • The Website and app with ad-free video content organized by age. Monthly subscription of 5 euros, with an app for your iPad.
  • *YouTube: You know there’s a ton of stuff on YouTube, but how do you know where to start? Here are a few jumping-off points:
    • Peppa Pig Français
    • SamSam
    • Trotro
    • T’choupi
    • Petit ours brun
    • Mouk en Français
    • 1 Rue Sésame and 5 Rue Sésame for kids who like Sesame Street
  • Netflix: A number of series can be viewed in French on Netflix! This article has a list of shows available in French and instructions on how to switch the language.
Language Immersion Camps
  • FIAF: French-immersion camps and workshops in Manhattan.
  • Bonjour NY: French-immersion summer camp offering free pick-up and drop off at PS58.
  • ISB: Play-based French & Spanish summer immersion camps in Carroll Gardens
  • Additional options listed here.
Language Tutoring and Classes
  • Smith Street Workshop: Classes, one-on-one tutoring, small group tutoring and more run by a former PS 58 DLP founding teacher.
  • FIAF: Classes right here in Carroll Gardens at ISB.
Blogs and Communities