Kindness matters.
Respect matters.
Hard work matters.

  • You can search for appointments for children by location or find a walk-up clinic at, or call or call 877-VAX-4-NYC.  Families may also have their children vaccinated at any of NYC’s Health & Hospitals locations.  Pediatricians also have the vaccines for children.  Contact your child’s doctor if you have any questions about the COVID-19 […]

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  • Please read about the policies, and find the COVID guidance flowchart for students in K-12 and Early Childhood at the NYC Schools Health and Safety in Our Schools webpage.

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PS 58 Anti-Racism Pledge

At PS 58, we will uphold anti-racism in our mission and policies, and we commit to:

EDUCATE ourselves on anti-racist practices collectively as a school and as individuals.

EXAMINE ourselves and the ways in which living under systemic racism leads white people to act, knowingly or unknowingly, in racist ways.

RECOGNIZE that those with privilege must use it to act as allies for the Black community.

FOSTER dialogue with our students in the classroom and with families at home.