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2022-2023 Direct Appeal Banner
  • Each year, parents and guardians (as well as teachers and staff) are invited to take the NYC School Survey. The survey asks for your opinion about our school in some key areas. We really want to hear from all of our families. Your answers are completely confidential. Here are two ways you can take the […]

  • February 13th to 17th is Respect for All Week in NYC public schools.  We spotlight Respect for All this week, but we are always committed to sustaining a school climate and culture in which all students feel included, valued, supported and safe.  To raise awareness for RFA week at PS 58, Principal Dello Stritto joined Friday morning’s […]

  • Visitors to school buildings are no longer required to show proof of a COVID-19 vaccine. All students and staff will receive 4 rapid test kits each month to use at home. Mask mandates have been lifted. Learn more at the NYC Schools COVID-19 webpage.

  • PS 58 Families can visit Konstella Files & Links, Recordings, to access recordings of recent meetings.  

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PS 58 Anti-Racism Pledge

At PS 58, we will uphold anti-racism in our mission and policies, and we commit to:

EDUCATE ourselves on anti-racist practices collectively as a school and as individuals.

EXAMINE ourselves and the ways in which living under systemic racism leads white people to act, knowingly or unknowingly, in racist ways.

RECOGNIZE that those with privilege must use it to act as allies for the Black community.

FOSTER dialogue with our students in the classroom and with families at home.