Kindergarten & French DLP Kindergarten

Admissions for the current school year

You may reach out to Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer with inquiries about enrollment for this school year: To find the zoned school for any address in NYC, use the School Search Tool.

Seat offers will be made according to availability and the enrollment priorities listed below.

Want to learn more? Visit the DOE  Kindergarten Admissions website. Still have questions? Call The Elementary Admissions Team at 718-935-2009 or email 

Admissions for September 2023

Application period was December 7, 2022 through January 20, 2023

If you missed the deadline to apply to kindergarten, you can still participate in admissions by adding your child to programs’ waitlists! The way to do this is online with MySchools—learn how in our “How to Add Your Child to Waitlists” video. Please keep in mind that you can no longer apply to kindergarten G&T programs or add your child to kindergarten G&T waitlists.

Enrollment priorities, all grades

PS 58 is a zoned school and families who live in the zone have enrollment priority. Here is the new zone map. The easiest and most accurate way to see which elementary school is your zoned school is by using the School Search tool at the DOE website.

  • In NYC, priority for seat offers to a zoned school such as PS 58 is given to zoned children who have a brother or sister at our school.
  • Next, seats are offered to other zoned applicants.
  • There is a priority for children who apply to our French dual language program who speak French but little or no English.

Diversity in Admissions Priorities for grades Pre-K and K

Students in these categories will receive priority for up to 30% of our Kindergarten seats. Students in these situations do not need to live in our school zone:

  • eligible for free or reduced price lunch
  • live in temporary housing as described by the McKinney Vento Act
  • are English Language Learners
  • are residents of public housing

If you have questions about applying to PS 58, please contact Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer at

PS 58 has two programs: Kindergarten and French Dual Language Kindergarten

We offer Kindergarten (taught in English) and French Dual Language Kindergarten (taught 50% in English and 50% in French). Families may list both programs on their application. We have 100 seats in our monolingual Kindergarten program. One of our classes is an Integrated Co-Teaching classroom. In our Kindergarten DLP classes, we have a total of 25 seats for Anglophone students and 25 seats for Francophone students. Half the students in each KDLP class speak French, half speak little or no French.

Kindergarten classes may have up to 25 students each.

Learn more about our Dual Language Program.

If you add French Dual Language Kindergarten to your child’s application, you will need to indicate how well your child speaks French and how well they speak English. Our Dual Language program aims for a balanced number of English-speaking students and French-fluent students. French-fluent students who speak no or little English are given priority.

A fluency assessment is required for children who apply as French speakers. The assessment is best described as a 15-minute, in-person conversation in French. We will contact families of children whose applications state that they speak French very well to schedule an appointment in late January. We then provide a list to the Office of Enrollment of children whom we have verified as fluent.

If we cannot verify that your child speaks French fluently, your child will still be considered for a DLP seat offer along with the other English-speaking applicants.

We will make appointments for French speakers who are zoned and those who qualify for the Diversity in Admissions program. If, after assessing this first group of applicants, we find that we do not have enough French-fluent candidates for the program, we will begin to reach out to applicants from outside our zone.

Seat offers and wait lists

The Office of Enrollment will send seat offers to families who applied by the deadline by email on April 4th. You can also find your child’s offer in your MySchools account on April 4th. Families with seat offers to PS 58 must accept or decline their offer by May 5th. If we do not get a response by May 5th we may offer the seat to a family on the wait list. Once you accept your offer, you will receive an invitation to officially register using our Operoo automated form system.

Your child will automatically be placed on the wait lists of any program or school that you ranked higher than your offer. You will be able to see your child’s wait list status at your MySchools account. Please understand that waitlist positions are fluid and may change if new families apply after the deadline with higher priority for enrollment.

If you wish, you can also add your child to additional wait lists throughout the summer.

Missed the deadline?

Families who missed the main round application deadline can still make an application and add their child to the wait lists of schools or programs throughout the summer.