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Principal and students

We are a community school with classes from pre-Kindergarten to fifth grade. Some of our students are children or grandchildren of former students. Our families come from all socio-economic groups and from around the world, and together, they shape the heart and soul of our community.

Our motto is at the center of all learning at PS 58: Kindness matters, respect matters, hard work matters.

Curriculum and instruction

We tailor our instruction to support students who need extra help and students who are ready for extra challenges. Our main literacy program is the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Project. For Math, we use TERC Investigations as our main program. We also use Math Exemplars and Math in the City. Teachers check in with students often to identify individual needs. Our school also supports ongoing teacher training and organizes schedules so that teachers can meet to plan and share knowledge.

School-wide enrichment

PS 58 believes that each child should have a chance to find their own interests and talents. We have a strong arts program, which includes visual art and music instruction for all grades. In fact, our orchestral strings program has been part of our school for more than thirty years.


Our Parent Teacher Association runs Carroll Kids, a popular after school program, as well as enrichment day camps for remote learners this fall. Please visit the Carroll Kids pages on this site for more information.

Dual language

In 2007, we introduced a Dual Language Program with two classes on each grade from Kindergarten to fifth grade. Students in these classes learn in French and in English.

In 2011, we received Le Label FrancEducation, a prestigious award given by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a formal recognition and accreditation to schools with a French bilingual program.

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