Specialty Classes

Mural of girl sitting and reading as images of a double helix, an astronaut, a dancer, William Shakespeare, a buttrfly, a dolphin a model of an atom and a rose flow out of her book

PS 58 students enjoy enrichment experiences taught by teacher specialists during the school day. On each day of our 6-day specialty cycle, every student will have at least one session of art, music, physical education or science.

In addition, our PTA provides funds for additional in class programming from arts, culture and learning organizations. These experiences are planned to tie in with current curricular themes in each grade and often include both residencies and trips. Some of our partners include:

  • Chess in the Schools
  • Lincoln Center Ballet Tales (storytelling and choreography)
  • Materials for the Arts
  • Konstruction Kids (planning and building using wood, hammers, nails, etc.)
  • BAM Dance Africa
  • Dancing Classrooms (Ballroom Dance)
  • Anne Frank
  • Metropolitan Opera