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Grades 1 to 5

Current School Year

Zoned families with children entering grades 1 through 5 in the 2020-2021 school year can get information about registration and seat availability by contacting Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer at

To register, you will need all the required documents.

To locate your zoned school, use the Find a School Tool at the NYC DOE website.

Children who speak French

Children who are applying to our French Dual Language program must be tested for French fluency. Please make sure to let us know that your child speaks French when you ask about registration. We will contact you to set up an Assessment.

Next School Year, 2021-2022

The pre-registration period for the new school year will be from June 14th to June 25th. All registration will be done online using our Operoo automated form system. Please click on the link below to let us know that you have a child to register for grades 1 to 5. We will send you an invitation to create an Operoo account around June 14th. Registration closes for the summer months and opens again in late August.

If your child is fluent in French, we will contact you for a French fluency assessment in June.

Changes to Our Zone and Admissions for September 2022

New students entering our school in September 2022 will be affected by changes to admissions policies. We expect to hear the proposal for rezoning at the May 11, 2021 CEC15 meeting. These changes could include a reduction in the size of our school zone or a switch to a lottery-based choice system. To learn more about the latest proposals and to provide feedback, please visit the District 15 Rezone Participatory Action Research Project website.

If you have feedback on the rezoning, please write to:, Superintendent Anita Skop at, or the Community Education Council District 15 at

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