Welcome to Carroll Kids Aftercare

Registration for Carroll Kids Aftercare generally begins mid-August and is ongoing throughout the year with a waiting period of one week. For 2021-22 our coverage starts with the first day of school, Monday, September 12th. We are in session every day that school is open.

To register, please make sure to create an account in our new Parent Portal. The portal allows you to access and update your account, view your schedule, and add classes during registration periods. To register for aftercare once online registration closes, email Carolyn R at to request aftercare coverage.

We will be offering onsite aftercare from the end of school until 6:30pm.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email


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Program Structure

Parents understandably want to know, “What exactly will my child be doing in Aftercare?” Here is a breakdown of our daily and weekly schedule.

Daily Routine
We coordinate with your child(ren)’s classroom teachers so that those with Aftercare or Enrichment Classes are dismissed directly to the cafeteria at 2 50pm. There counselors take attendance and students are provided with a snack. (Enrolled PreK students from the Annex are met there at 2:30pm and escorted to PS58.)

Students are then transitioned to Aftercare CYCLE 1 activities. During this Cycle, Carroll Kids offers a variety of “specialty classes” including Juggling, HipHop, Arts & Crafts, Tea Party, Spanish, Slime making, etc. These are opt-in activities and are spread across the grades.

At 4:10pm, Aftercare students are escorted to CYCLE 2 activities. (At 4:10pm, students in Enrichment Classes are either transitioned to LATE PARTIAL Aftercare or dismissed to the auditorium.)

At 5:20pm, all Aftercare students enjoy “Choice Time” and are escorted to CYCLE 3 activities.

Remaining Aftercare students transition to the auditorium at 6:15pm for pickup until 6:30pm.

We will ensure that students are socially distanced for snack times and will encourage outdoor play as much as possible. Each group will have one period of Homework Help (supervised by PS58 staff) each day. On days when there is no homework, students will be encouraged to read or play games that grow critical thinking skills.

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Carroll Kids, the PS 58 PTA Afterschool, is a Not-For-Profit Organization and qualifies as childcare for tax purposes. EIN: 54-2159278

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