How do I register my child for Aftercare?

Registration is ongoing throughout the school year. The first opportunity to register is mid-August via our online system. (You must first create an account on the site: https://www.ps58brooklyn.org/afterschool/registration/), We offer flexible schedules of 1 to 5 days per week. This can be combined with other options including Full Afternoon; Early Partials (until 4:40pm); as well as Late Partials (4:40 to 6:30pm in the event  your child is enrolled in an enrichment class).

In mid-September, we turn off online registration and all additions and changes are handled via email. Please email us directly to request any adjustments to your schedule: carolynR@ps58pta.org. But note, we can only guarantee changes to an aftercare schedule for the coming trimester. Once you’ve registered for a term, you are pretty much locked in for the duration.

Trimesters are September – December; January – March; April – June.

Once registered, can I make changes to my registration? How?

In mid-September, we turn off online registration and all additions and changes are handled via email. Please email us directly to request any adjustments s to your schedule: carolynR@ps58pta.org. But note, we can only guarantee changes to an aftercare schedule for the coming trimester. Once you’ve registered for a term, you are pretty much locked in for the duration. Trimesters are September – December; January – March; April – June.

What hours do you offer aftercare?

We offer aftercare from the end of the school until 6:15m. Programming is provided until 6:15pm. Last pick-up is at 6:30pm. Families that don’t need full coverage may enroll in an Early Partial session that runs from the end of school until 4:40pm.

My child has Enrichment Classes. Can I subscribe to Aftercare following Enrichment Class? How?

AFTERCARE includes an option for Late Partials which extends care to students enrolled in enrichment classes. Students are transitioned from their enrichment classes to Carroll Kids Aftercare @ 4:45pm at the start of Carroll Kids Cycle 2 (see Aftercare Schedule).  Programming is provided until 6:15pm. Last pick-up is at 6:30pm.

My schedule changes week to week. Can I adjust the days on a weekly basis?

We ask that you register for set days of the week. If you find your needs shift week-to-week, you may email: carolynR@ps58pta.org to request changes BUT you will continue to be billed for the number of days for which you originally signed up. You can usually increase the number of days but only reduce the number of days you originally signed up for, once the trimester has ended.

Can I cancel my child(ren)’s registration?

For Aftercare, we request that you honor your enrollment registration for the trimester (approximately 3 months). We encourage you to email any adjustments for the next trimester, a month before the next session begins. Under extreme circumstances we will allow cancellations. For Enrichment, we have a new policy for drops beginning with our Fall 2019 session. Going forward,

August 18 – 31:

Families may drop a class for a refund minus a $15 fee by emailing a request to billing@ps58pta.org

 September 1 – 15:

Families may drop a class for a refund minus a $50 fee by emailing a request to billing@ps58pta.org

 September 16 – 22: 

Families may drop a class for a refund of 50% of the class fee by emailing a request to billing@ps58pta.org

 From September 23 forward:

No refunds will be given for dropped classes.

I just need a single day of childcare every so often. Do you offer drop in coverage?

Families may enroll in Carroll Kids Aftercare on a drop in basis. You MUST pre-register to take advantage of our Drop–In Program. You can do this by creating an account here. Your account must be created at least 7 days in advance of your first Drop-In. We highly recommend setting this up at the beginning of the school year.

Drop-Ins are available to families if there is space in our Aftercare program. Requests need to be made by email to carolynR@ps58pta.org. Please include your child’s full name, classroom and the date your need childcare. For Mondays, please notify us by Friday. Drop-ins may be scheduled in advance (in fact, this is preferred!). Once a Drop-in reservation is confirmed, it may not be cancelled. Drop-ins for PreK are $50 per day; for Grades K to 5 it’s $45 per day per child. We have discontinued “10 packs” this school year.

I just registered my child for an enrichment class. Do I need to adjust my aftercare schedule?

Families are responsible for selecting their aftercare schedule to compliment their enrichment schedule. Our system cannot automatically adjust your child’s aftercare schedule based on their enrichment enrollment. Please be sure to check the rates. You may find that the discount for 5 full days is better than 3 full days plus 2 late partials. See all the rates here.


Do I have to pay for vacation days and entire weeks when we don’t have school, i.e. February break?

The cost of aftercare is amortized over the course of the entire school year. Our system does not allow for variable pricing by month so it’s an even cost per month. We do not offer refunds, credits or discounts for months that contain holidays. We will be offering mid-winter and spring break camps this year at an additional cost. 

Is there a sibling discount? How do I get it?

We do offer a 15% sibling discount for students enrolled in AFTERCARE only. It is automatically applied to the lower tuition for a 2nd/3rd/4th sibling. The discount is not available for enrichment classes.

What is the registration fee?

There is a yearly $25 registration fee per family account for which helps to offset the cost of our software services. The fee is incurred once per year per family.

How do I update / change/ delete a credit card from my account?

To update your credit card, log into to your online account at https://www.ps58brooklyn.org/afterschool/registration/

I think I have a credit on my account. How can I check?

Please email Carolyn P at carolynP@ps58pta.org to find out if you have a credit from the previous year. Credits will be phased out with the switch to new registration software.

How Can I Generate A Receipt for Tax Purposes?

Sawyer, our registration platform, has made an update that allows you to generate and print receipts for any payments made to Carroll Kids. To access these, simply go to hisawyer.com and log-in. Once you are logged in, navigator to Orders on your account and click “View Order Details” on any order for more details. In the order detail view, you’ll now see any installments paid, monthly billing processed, or payments made for your child’s enrollment. To print or save an FSA friendly PDF, click on the button “Printable Receipt” in the top right corner. This will open a PDF link for your records.

Should you have any questions about billing history or payments made on your account, please contact us for clarification or assistance.


My child has PreK at the Annex yet I need aftercare. Is this offered?

Yes! We do offer Carroll Kids aftercare for PreK students, but enrollment is limited! Because our PreK aftercare is conducted separately and requires a dedicated space, we must limit enrollment according to space and staffing constraints. For this reason we suggest you register on Monday, August 19th and if you find yourself on the wait list, we will contact you to see if we can offer accommodation.

Why is PreK enrollment more expensive?

Because PreK students are dismissed earlier than K to 5 students, we engage them for a longer period of time. We also escort PreK students from the Annex to PS 58 and we have smaller counselor to child ratios for our PreK program.


How do children transition from dismissal to Carroll Kids Aftercare/Enrichment?

For Kindergarten through Grade 5, we coordinate with your children’s classroom teachers so that those with Aftercare or Enrichment Classes are dismissed directly to the cafeteria at 3pm to 3:10pm. There, counselors and/or instructors take attendance and students are provided with a snack. (Enrolled PreK students from the Annex are met there at 2:30pm and escorted directly to their classroom.)

Know that the cafeteria can get very noisy at this time so we have staff to help your child find the right table. Enrichment classes convene on the window side; there are table signs indicating which class is where; aftercare is on the kitchen side and convenes by grade.

How do students transition from school to afterschool enrichment?

For students in Kindergarten-Fifth Grade, students who attend Enrichment, they  are all dismissed to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria they will find their classes.  Their Enrichment teachers will check them in and supervise them while they eat a snack. They will eat a snack while they wait to be called to go upstairs.

How do students transition from school to afterschool enrichment?

For students in Kindergarten-Fifth Grade, students who attend Enrichment, they  are all dismissed to the cafeteria. In the cafeteria they will find their classes.  Their Enrichment teachers will check them in and supervise them while they eat a snack. They will eat a snack while they wait to be called to go upstairs.

How do I pick up my child?

In the Main Lobby there is a Carroll Kids Aftercare staff member at a desk at all times.  Caregivers let the staff members know their child/rens name/s and they will be called on a Walkie-Talkie.  Caregivers sign their child/ren out on the grade rosters on the desk. You may pick your child up at any time, BUT LAST PICK-UP is at 6:30pm. PLEASE HONOR THIS DEADLINE so we don’t have to implement punitive fines!!!

How do I add pick-up information for my child?

When you register your child for Carroll Kids you are required to supply contact and pick-up information. If at any time this information changes you can email us: carolynR@ps58pta.org or phone: 718 330 9322 x1001 and leave a message regarding pick-up changes. Please do not call the Main Office as they are already overloaded with school-day events.

Who do I notify about absences?

We NEED to know of absences. If your child is absent from school, we know that and won’t expect him/her in afterschool. BUT if your child was in class during the day we WILL expect them in afterschool and if they don’t show up we must track your child down. A phone call to our desk: 718-330-9322 x1001 or an email to carolynr@pt58pta.org will suffice.

How should we report absences and/or schedule changes?

Please email Carolyn Rogalsky at carolynr@ps58pta.org if your child is going to be absent (but attended school that day) or needs to change their usual schedule.

If I have a question regarding Homework Help, who should I direct it to?

Please direct your HW Help questions to Sari Fensterheim at sfensterheim@ps58online.org.


How do we register for enrichment classes?

To register for any Carroll Kids Afterschool Programs, please make sure to create an account in our Parent Portal. The portal allows you to access and update your account, view your current schedule and fees, and add classes during registration periods. Registration for enrichment classes happens three times per year. Generally, August for fall, December for winter and March for spring.

What are the start & end times of the enrichment classes?

Most classes begin directly after school ends and most end at 4:40pm. There are exceptions. We have some classes that offer two or more sessions during a day including Tae Kwon Do, Flamenco, Guitar, Piano, Tennis and more. For details on your child’s specific schedule, log into your account to see all the details including times and dates for each class.

How can I see the schedule for my child(ren)?

Go to your account on Sawyer and click on the link for Calendar. This will show the full schedule.

Can we also register for Aftercare, following enrichment classes?

Yes! We offer an option to enroll in aftercare from 4:40pm until 6:30pm. We call this option “Late Partial” and it’s available all days of the week.

If I am enrolled in a class, do I need to enroll again to take the class the next session? Do I get priority enrollment?

You must re-enroll in a class each session. Only our guitar and group piano lessons are full year programs. In most cases, students that were waitlisted will be given priority to register.

How does the waitlist work?

As spots open up in a class, we will offer those spots starting at the top of the waiting list.  If your child does not get into a class initially or off the waitlist, s/he will the first priority the following semester.

How do I put my child on a waitlist? How do I know they definitely have a spot on the wait list?

Answer TBD pending new registration system. 

My child has a passion for spiders. Is it possible to add a class on Arachnology?

We are always looking for new ideas for classes! If you have suggestions, please email Carolyn Pravda at cpravda@ps58pta.org. However, please be aware that we are limited in the number of classes we offer each session by the number of classrooms we are able to use in the building each day, and we have many school favorites that return regularly. We also have to reach a minimum of six students in order to run a class.

What if I want to drop a class after I have enrolled? My child isn’t enthusiastic about his/her enrichment class. Can we drop it?

Please email Carolyn P to drop a class at carolynp@ps58pta.org. Families are able to drop a class up to two weeks after the first day of general registration for a $15 drop fee and a refund. After those initial two weeks, the drop fee will increase to $50 and a refund. After the first class, a student may drop a class and receive a refund of 50% of tuition. After the first week of classes, no further refunds will be given.

How will we be notified about class cancellations; make-up classes and/or term-end performances?

Please make sure your email is up to date with our team. You can check it yourself by logging into your account. We regularly send out emails to update you about any cancellations, changes or performances. You can also ask in person at the afterschool desk during pick up each day.

How will be learn about enrichment classes for next term?

We send out registration information through Konstella, Joan’s e-blasts, and backpack mail. Registration for enrichment generally takes place in August, December and March for enrichment classes.

Do you offer childcare coverage for the days between enrichment sessions?

We take a week off between enrichment sessions to allow for make ups if needed. We do offer childcare in our aftercare program. The cost is $20 for the time from the end of school until 4:40pm. Please email us at least 24 hours in advance to schedule this drop in. The early partial drop in is only available during these weeks between sessions.

On occasion, I am not going to be able to pick up my child after their enrichment class. Do you offer drop ins?

We offer a “late partial” drop in for a fee of $25. This must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance by emailing Carolyn Rogalsky at carolynR@ps58pta.org with your child’s name and class. 

My child has a lesson/class that has a delayed start time (ie Piano, Guitar, Tennis, Capoeira, Flamenco, etc). Do you offer coverage for this time?

In the past, we have had a program called Bridge the Gap that had additional fees. This year we’ve decided to incorporate Bridge the Gap fees into regular class tuition and offer free supervision to all who are registered for a class with a delayed start time including Piano, Guitar, Flamenco, Tae Kwon Do, Tennis and Capoeira.

Students will be dismissed to cafeteria and supervised there, provided snack and able to play games, do crafts and/or homework. They will be escorted to the various classes at start time.

We just ask that parents wanting this option to please EMAIL us: carolynR@ps58pta.org so we know who to expect.

When is registration for enrichment classes?

Enrichment registration is usually August for fall classes; December for winter classes; and April for spring classes. Information is sent out via Konstella, Joan’s e-Blast and backpack mail.

How do you come up with the prices for the classes?

Class pricing is based on instructors’ fees and the number of times a class offered in a session and then marked up to cover the costs of administration and affording a small grant to the PTA. Many of our classes are taught by PS 58 staff, and these classes are among our most affordable. Other classes are taught by outside vendors and can be more expensive but allow us to offer a wider variety of classes. Financial aid is available to eligible families.


What is the financial aid threshold for aftercare? How do we apply?

Financial aid is available for families making under $80,000 upon application with minimal documentation. We offer scholarships for both aftercare and enrichment classes. Families may apply for both. To apply for financial aid, visit our website to download the form or pick one up in the school office.

We are working on amending our financial aid policy. You may apply if your family has special circumstances where you have additional expenses or unusual events that effect your financial situation. Please explain in your application.

Is there financial aid for Enrichment? How do we apply?

We offer 14 scholarships for enrichment classes each session for $300 that may be used toward one class per student. Priority is given to students who did not receive a scholarship in a previous session. Financial aid applications are accepted through out the school year with no deadline.


Does Carroll Kids have programming during non-attendance days?

YES! Non-attendance days are those when the school building is open; school staff is working but students do not attend. For 2018-19 these dates include: Tuesday, November 6; Thursday, November 15 HALF DAY; Thursday, March 14 HALF DAY; Thursday, June 6; Tuesday, June 11.

Does Carroll Kids run camps during holidays and vacation?

Parents have requested coverage for holidays. Currently we are not in operation on days when the school building is closed which includes most holidays. However, this year we will be working toward offering “camp” on select days. It’s likely that we won’t have anything in place until 2019 since it requires additional permits, staffing, etc. If you are interested, please let us know for which of the school breaks you would most like coverage so we can plan for most-desired time periods.

What happens on Snow Days or Extreme Weather Days when all city schools unexpectedly close?

On these days we must follow the NYC Chancellor of Education’s recommendation and close accordingly. This includes some afternoons when school is in session but the Chancellors closes all afterschool programs. You will be notified by the school of these occasion. OR you can check for yourself @ https://www.schools.nyc.gov.

Does Carroll Kids offer camp?

We are only authorized to hold “camps” on non-attendance days — when the school building is open but students are not scheduled. We are not able to hold camps during school holidays.

My plans changed and I don’t need camp, but I already booked it. Can I get a refund?

We do not offer refunds for camp. Please be sure you confirm your plans before you register for  camp.

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