5th Grade & Middle School

Middle School Overview

Students can apply to up to 12 schools or programs on their district application.  On this application, you can rank your preferences from among district schools, borough-wide schools, and citywide schools.  Students will receive one middle school offer in the spring.  To increase the chance that your child will be offered a school that you ranked on his/her application, it is best to consider as many options as possible.

You may also consider making a separate application to Charter middle schools. Charter schools have a separate application process and timeline and your child may receive an offer to a charter school in addition to their main application offer.   See more on Charters below.

Keep your address current

It is important to keep you address current, because your MySchool authorization letter will be sent via US Mail to your address on file with the school.  You can check your address in your NYC Schools Account (NYCSA).  If you need to change your address, please provide PS 58 Pupil Accounting Secretary Tina Nyffler with a copy of a recent utility bill.   You can scan the document and send it by email to tnyffler@schools.nyc.gov.

Here are some helpful resources to assist you with building the application

Visit the DOE Middle School Admissions website, where you can find posts and videos about the admissions process, including how to make your MySchools Account, and how to build a strong middle school application for your child.


Virtual Open Houses and Fairs

Open houses and middle school fairs are a key way for families to learn about school options and the admissions process, and the DOE is committed to continuing this tradition even while many families are remote. Families should expect middle schools to host virtual tours and open houses this year, but some may host limited capacity in-person tours.  Please visit and the bookmark the websites of all the schools your child is interested in.  Check websites frequently.  Some middle schools have virtual tours ready now.

Diversity in Admissions

All District 15 middle schools participate in Diversity in Admissions.  Please read more about this program at the Diversity in Admissions webpage.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools have a separate application process.  These schools are free public schools that operate independently from the NYC Department of Education.  Please read more about that at the Charter Schools webpage.  Families should visit the webpages of charter schools for more information about their admissions timeline and virtual tours.


Contact School Counselor Lori Mendez LMendez11@schools.nyc.gov, Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer, jbredthauer2@schools.nyc.gov, or MSEnrollment@schools.nyc.gov.

Sibling Priority in Middle Schools

We do not know yet whether or not D15 will continue to offer sibling priority in middle school in 2022-2023.

Enrolling new 6th grade students mid-year, or for grades 7 and 8

If you need a school for a new 6th grade student mid year or for grades 7 and 8, please visit the Family Welcome Center for your district.  PS 58 is in District 15.  Our Family Welcome Center is located at 415 89th Street in Brooklyn.  You can email the staff at 89thFWC@schools.nyc.gov.

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