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5th Grade & Middle School

Middle School Choice

Staying informed about the middle school choice process is important.  There are no zoned middle schools in our district, and every family will need to look at school choices and create an informed list of schools that are a good fit for their child.  Families are urged to make sure that they are receiving Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer's Konstella alerts.  Make sure you are registered for your child's class through Konstella.

There is nothing you must do right now, but you can take advantage of the following resources in the meantime:

Middle School Application Timeline

To ensure families have enough time to learn about school options, this year’s application deadline will be later than the traditional early December deadline.  We will be sharing a more detailed timeline in the near future.

Use MySchools to research options and apply to schools

As last year, families will make an online middle school application through the MySchools website,  Later this fall, families will receive a MySchools Welcome Letter.  Each Welcome Letter has instructions on creating a MySchools account, and a unique account creation code that lets parents link their child to their account. The letter will be sent to your home via US Mail directly from the Department of Education.  Check your NYC Schools Account to make sure we have your correct address.

The application will open on MySchools after the Welcome Letters are sent.

While you cannot begin to create your child’s application yet, you CAN use the online directory at MySchools now to begin to look at schools you might wish to include when the application opens.

Once again, students can apply to up to 12 schools on their application.  Students will receive one middle school offer in the spring.  To increase the chance that your child will be offered a school that you ranked on his/her application, it is best to consider as many options as possible.

No more paper directories

This year, due to budget priorities, the middle school directory and admissions guide will exist exclusively in a virtual format, and will not be printed.

We know this was a tool that families used to explore school options; however, the MySchools Directory contains all the information about middle schools that was previously in printed admissions guides.

As the application opens, families may also learn about the admissions process through guides and videos on the DOE Middle School Enrollment website.

Virtual Open Houses and Fairs

Open houses and middle school fairs are a key way for families to learn about school options and the admissions process, and the DOE is committed to continuing this tradition even while many families are remote. Families should expect middle schools to host virtual tours and open houses this year.  Please visit and the bookmark the websites of all the schools your child is interested in.  Check websites frequently.  Some middle schools have virtual tours ready now.

A list with links to school tours was posted on 5th grade classroom feeds on Konstella Nov. 5.

Families Temporarily Living Outside NYC

Students who have temporarily relocated outside NYC, but who have maintained a permanent residence in NYC, may participate in middle school admissions, as long as your permanent address on file with the school remains your NYC address.  Please check your address at your NYC Schools Account.  If you need to change your address, please provide PS 58 Pupil Accounting Secretary Tina Nyffler with a copy of a recent utility bill.   You can scan the document and send it by email to

Diversity in Admissions

All District 15 middle schools participate in Diversity in Admissions.  Please read more about this program at the Diversity in Admissions webpage.

Charter Schools

Charter Schools have a separate application process.  Please read more about that at the DOE Charter Schools webpage.  Families should visit the webspages of charter schools for more information about their admissions timeline and virtual tours.


Contact School Counselor Lori Mendez, Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer,, or


October 13, 2020

Sibling Priority in Middle Schools

D15 Sibling/Twin FAQs:

 Who will receive the sibling priority?

Any fifth grader zoned to District 15 for middle school or attending a District 15 elementary school who has a sibling currently in sixth or seventh grade at a District 15 middle school. Siblings are an applicant’s brother or sister, including half-brothers, half-sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, foster brothers, and foster sisters who live in the same household. Fifth grade students with siblings in eighth grade in a District 15 middle school are not eligible for this priority.

Why are only siblings in the sixth and seventh grade receiving priority?

This year’s sixth and seventh graders were admitted under District 15’s diversity plan. Sibling priority will not apply for students with siblings in eighth grade or older, as those students were admitted prior to the implementation of the D15 diversity plan. Additionally, 5th graders with 8th grade siblings in grades 6-8 middle schools do not have a priority as the students would not be attending the middle school at the same time.

How does sibling priority affect applications?

All applicants should list schools in their true order of preference. A student will receive priority to their sibling’s school no matter where they list the school on the application. For example, if an applicant lists their sibling's school as their third choice, and does not get an offer to their first or second choice, they will still have a priority to their third choice.

Who is considered a twin?

Siblings zoned to District 15 for middle school or attending a District 15 elementary school who are currently both in 5th grade. The term also includes triplets, etc.

How should families of twins complete their applications?

Twins eligible to apply to District 15 middle schools who list all schools in the same order on their applications will receive offers to the same District 15 middle school. Their applications must be identical. If a family with twins lists boroughwide or citywide programs on their applications, and one or both twins gets an offer to one of those programs, the twins will not necessarily be placed together.

How should families who are eligible for the priority identify their siblings or twins?

 Guidance on this will be provided later on at the beginning of the admissions process.

Middle School Resources

External link to My Schools site


D15 Diversity Plan


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