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Main Building: 330 Smith Street at Carroll Street, Phone: 718-330-9322

Pre-K Annex: 131 Union Street at Columbia Street, Phone: 718-237-3570

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Contacting Staff by Email

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Administration & Support
Principal Katie Dello Stritto 107
Assistant Principal Annique Leman 107
Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer 110
Payroll Secretary Barbara Kadoch 105
Pupil Accounting Secretary Tina Nyffler 105
Teaching Staff
Pre-K Bethany Hatheway Annex
Rosy Clark Annex
Lee Bidgood PK-133
 Megan Simms  Annex
Kindergarten Aneta Vlavianos K-101
Aleksandra Klitenik K-111
Lisa Marie Dimassa K-113
Elizabeth Cummings K-127
Mary Leopoldi K-115
Emily Silberklang K-115
Julie Criniere K-129
Valerie Connor K-131
First Grade
Samra Cekic 1-211
Alaina Rausa 1-222
Katherine Hellige 1-233
Amelia Stuto 1-114
Millicia Malvasio 1-114
Julie Lewis 1-213
Sylvie Arnaud 1-215
Second Grade
Claire Benner 2-227
Michele Lazar 2-231
Gina Fitzpatrick 2-207
Jana Trenk 2-229
Grace Yee 2-229
Amber Drabot 2-202
Sarah Przedborski 2-204
Third Grade
Elizabeth Valle 3-318
Shveta Dogra 3-315
Ivelisses Molina 3-327
Courtney Kiernan 3-209
Jayne Adin 3-209
Emily Berger 3-320
Julia Lautard 3-329
3/4/5 SC Nikita Penett 3/4/5-306
Fourth Grade
Tonya Short 4-301
Sophia Yarosh 4-305
Jen Uva 4-315
Eunick Gilles 4-315
Stephanie Cullaj 4-322
Lauren Goldstein 4-322
Carlos Osorios-Rios 4-307
Erica Rivera 4-309
Fifth Grade
Angela Heras 5-331
Susan Voelker 5-316
Ken Lieber 5-316
Hannah Trager 5-302
Chris Cox 5-302
Katie Wheeler 5-311
Louise Connolly 5-313
Specialty Teachers
Lower Science Mary Pfeifer 112
Upper Science Genevieve Vanegas 304
Lower Music Stephen Cedermark 120
Upper Music Matthew Sanislo Auditorium
Lower Art Paul Warham 218
Upper Art Shenandoah Ferreira 220
Physical Education Lili Ann Jankowski Gym
Movement Cathy Guerron Gym
Drama Cynthia Blackwell 214
Language Workshop Greer Patterson 110
Librarian Nancy Bennici 201
Librarian Michelle Jabs 201


Student Support
School Nurse Stephanie Smith-Sullivan 109
School Counselor Lori Mendez 109
SETSS (Push-in) Sara Willig 3rd floor
Reading Recovery/Lower AIS
Upper AIS/SETSS Leslie Richmond 2nd floor
Speech Alessandra Vilardo 308
Speech Alissa Resnik 308
Occupational Therapy Jennifer Steinberger 126
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy Alyssa McAree 126
Technology Dan Lupkin 212
ESL (Push-in) Katie Lapham 216
IEP Teacher/Testing Coordinator/Reading Recovery


Sari Fensterheim 216
School Assessment Team
Psychologist Iyzak Kattri 122
Social Worker Amy Alvarez 122
Family Worker Michelle Kyser 122
School Aides
Liz Hom 105
Lisa Pipitone 105
Phyllis Musso 105
Margaret Scognamiglio Annex
Eva Aviles Joan Hudson
Marilyn Bryant Juliette Internicola
Gilbert Center Hanaa Fahmy
Daniel DeAngelo Josephine Lucci
Stephanie DeAngelo Josephine LiMandri
Samantha Del Zoppo Serina Manza
Dolores De Los Santos Elizabeth Mercado
Debra Gillette Charles Mussa
Monte Hamilton Shaquaya Walker
Franchesca Hidalgo Marie Ponsiglione
Custodial Staff
Head Custodial Engineer Ryan DeForest 103
Nick Barracato
Mike Manza
Lester Modeste
School Food
Maria Freddie Kitchen


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