About Us

PS 58 is celebrating two anniversaries in 2017–our 60th birthday, and the 10th anniversary of our French/English Dual Language Program!

We are a community elementary school with classes in grades Pre-Kindergarten through five. Some of our current students are children or grandchildren of former students. We are a community with families from all socio-economic groups.  Our school also includes families who have recently joined us from around the globe. We value the involvement of our families—students and parents—who together with our staff shape the heart and soul of our community.       

Our motto reflects our values, and is at the center of all learning at PS 58:   Kindness matters, respect matters, hard work matters.   

Core Curriculum and Differentiated Instruction

We differentiate our instruction to support those who need extra help and to engage those who require additional challenges. Our primary literacy program is the Columbia Teachers College Reading and Writing Workshop Project. We use TERC Investigations as our primary mathematics program, adding elements of Math Exemplars and Math in the City as enhancements in some areas.   Teachers confer frequently with students and collect data through observations and assessments to identify specific needs of each student throughout the year.  Our school supports ongoing professional  development for teachers, and organizes schedules to allow to grade-wide planning and school-wide knowledge sharing.

School Wide Enrichment

P.S. 58 believes that each child’s special interests, talents and gifts should be nurtured and used as a springboard to enhance their learning in school, and out of school. Our approach to teaching is based on the School-wide Enrichment Model (Renzulli), which seeks to infuse enrichment learning opportunities into all aspects of the school curriculum. We offer students access to stimulating educational experiences in multiple subject areas. We have a strong arts program, which includes visual art with one of two certified art teachers and music instruction for all grades, including our well-known strings music program. Our faculty includes two science teachers.  Students in all grades learn to use the scientific method to answer questions about their world.   

Additionally, we offer our students frequent trips, a visiting authors program and talks with other guest speakers, performances and special projects for individuals and small groups. This exposure leads to independent and active learning in which students are meaningfully engaged.  


Some of our many collaborative partnerships include: American Ballroom Theater’s Dancing Classrooms, Chess in the Schools, the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office Legal Lives Program, the French Embassy, the Piano School of New York, Lincoln Center Ballet Tales, the Metropolitan Opera, Urban Divers, and the Gowanus Dredgers. Our P.T.A. runs Carroll Kids, a popular after school program, with daily after care as well as weekly enrichment courses offered in drama, robotics, music, language, sports and more.

French/English Dual Language

In 2007, we introduced a Dual Language French/English Program which includes two classes in Kindergarten through Fifth grades. Most children enroll in the program in Kindergarten.  All DLP students learn in two languages.

In 2011, we were the recipient of Le Label FrancEducation, a prestigious award given by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a formal recognition and accreditation to schools providing a French bilingual program.




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