Pre-registration for PS 58’s Pre-K for September 2018 is now completed.

Children are eligible for Universal Pre-K (Pre-K for All) in the year they turn 4.

Offers were made by the Department of Education’s Office of Enrollment in April to zoned applicants with an older brother or sister at PS 58.  At this time, all seats have been filled.  If any families decline their seat, we will call families from our wait list in the order assigned by the Department of Education.  If you are wait-listed, there is no need to contact the school.  Please be assured that we will call you if we reach your child’s number on the wait list.

If your child did not get a seat at PS 58, we hope that you were matched to another program you selected.  Seats are available throughout the borough and city.

For information about finding a seat in another program:

  • Visit the Pre-K Enrollment page on the NYC Schools website.  Read the Pre-K Directory to learn about the admissions process and explore the schools in your community.
  • PS 58 will offer an Open House in our main building in December 2018 and in January 2019, dates to come.  We will offer tours of the Annex to families who receive seat offers from the Department of Education.

For Children Born in 2015—Apply This Winter

Children born in 2015 will begin pre-K in September 2019. Your child must be a current New York City resident to apply.  Please check back for the application period dates later in 2018.

Child too young for Universal Pre-K?

Use NYC Childcare Connect to find safe, reliable, child care in your neighborhood if your child isn’t old enough for pre-K yet.

Current Year

At present there are no openings.

Families can find a wonderful, free Universal pre-K program at another location using the “Find a Pre-K” tool at the NYC Schools website.

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