Offsite Programs

Some local afterschool programs offer to pick up children at PS 58 at dismissal and escort them to their off-site location.

Parents must submit the permission slip posted here in advance of the first day of their child's participation in an off-site program.  This form must be given to the teacher and will be filed with our pupil accounting secretary in the main office. The teacher should keep a copy.  Parents must give the teacher advance notice in writing of any changes to a dismissal procedure.

Programs offering this service should have a conversation with the principal or parent coordinator before the first day and confirm the proper pick up times.  Programs must provide the school's pupil accounting secretary with a complete list of student names and days of participation prior to the first day.  In addition, it is the program's responsibility to make sure that we have a signed permission slip for each child, authorizing us to release the child to your representative at the end of the day.  Without a permission slip, we will not release the child to your representative.  Your representative should arrive to our auditorium no later than 3:05 pm.


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