Enriching Curriculum

Dance and Movement

Kids need to move and express themselves physically.  We bring in top-notch collaborators to teach the fun and  art of movement!  

Ballroom Dance

One of our most beloved programs is the Ballroom Dance unit in 4th and 5th Grades through Dancing Classrooms.   You’ll get to see your child perform the Fox Trot, Swing, Merengue, and more.

Ballet Tales

A highlight of 2nd Grade is the New York City Ballet’s 8-week residency.  Children transform their written words into movement for an unforgettable performance. Students attend a performance of the Nutcracker.

Brooklyn Ballet and Dance Literacy

Our PK, K, and 1st graders get some extra time to move and an introduction to dance.

STEM Enrichment

Applying math and science to hands-on, fun activities.

Trout Program, Outragehiss Pets, Talons

3rd Grade scientists follow the life cycle from trout egg in the classroom to releasing them into the wild upstate. PK, K, and 1st graders classrooms get some interesting visitors!    

Chess in the Schools

Can your child beat you at chess?  That's due to weekly in-class instruction for all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders.

Construction Kids

Social Studies units are supplemented with a Brookyln Bridge building project in 2nd grade, and a Lenape Wigwam in 4th.  

Arts, Music, and Theater Enrichment

Met Opera

A very special part of 3rd grade is the Met Opera residency.  Students compose, create, and perform their own Opera, and get to attend a live performance at The Met.   

Puppeteering and Theaterworks

Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect

5th Grade Program

Authors in Schools

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