The PS58 community is an active one with lots of events, messages, initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and activities. To help keep everyone informed in the most effective way possible, we have been using a new communications platform called Konstella.

By registering to Konstella, you will stay up-to-date with classroom, school, and PTA activities and information.

  • It provides a single location for your child’s/children’s activities, including class announcements, parties, field trips, school events, and sign-ups.
  • Your personalized calendar in Konstella automatically includes all upcoming activities and deadlines for your child’s class. This calendar can be synced to your own.
  • Parents can communicate with Teachers as well as other parents about various topics via a message board.
  • Parents can easily find volunteer opportunities and join PTA committees in one click!


ON THE WEB: To get started with Konstella, go to the website at www.KONSTELLA.com and select ‘Find Your School’ in the upper right hand corner.

ON MOBILE APP: To register for the mobile app – download the iOS or Android App (Konstella), tap on “register”, enter the PS58 invitation code (imQPmT) and then tap on “join” in your confirmation email.

ALREADY ON KONSTELLA? Make sure to update your child(ren) classroom(s) in your Konstella settings at the beginning of every school year.


Questions? contact Zachary Knower at vp-technology1@ps58pta.org

*Privacy notice:  You can control your privacy settings within the tool, so you decide what you would like to share with the parents. Your information will not be accessible to third parties.  While we hope you will join Konstella to take advantage of its classroom and school-wide communication features, it is not mandatory to join. You will still receive announcements and be able to participate in school and classroom activities even without creating a Konstella account.


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