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The Carroll Companion Podcast

The PTA is proud to announce a new podcast devoted to life at PS 58 The Carroll School.



Each episode we’ll endeavor to answer some of your questions about what goes on behind the school’s doors. You’ll find insights for parents, teachers, and staff, as we tackle all kinds of topics—from tips for getting your kids to do their homework, to what happens during building evacuation drills.

Let us know what you think, and subscribe! If you have feedback or topics you’d like us to cover, send us an email at

The Carroll Companion is produced and hosted by Zachary Knower. Music by Elsie’s dad Sean Bones. Thanks to Emily Curran for production assistance and engineering tips.

You can subscribe on iTunes and here are Links to episodes at Buzzsprout below:

S01E01 Talking to Kids About School

In our inaugural episode of The Carroll Companion, we have a discussion with Principal Katie Dello Stritto on how to get your kids to open up about “what happened at school today,” and how to spot signals that something might be troubling them; she also describes PS 58’s recess/afterschool counselors and what criteria they and teachers use to resolve childrens’ disputes; and she explains PS 58’s “Buddy Bench.”

Recess coordinator Trey Norwood delves into his team’s duties and the ways recess varies at different ages.

We chat with three fifth-grade students who were part of the fundraising drive for the “Buddy Bench” three years ago about how it came into existence and how their attitudes towards it have changed.

We close with a review of upcoming PTA events from PTA co-Presidents Linnea Olson and Adam Baruchowitz.

S01E02 Safety at PS 58

Evacuation drills, lockdown drills, entrance door security, and more! In this episode we explore the ways the staff and teachers at PS 58 work to keep the building and its occupants safe. Featuring interviews with Principal Katie Dello Stritto, teachers Shveta Dogra and Sarah Przedborski, and School Safety Officer Harry Frasier.

S01E03 Homework Without Battles

Have you done your homework? All of it?!

Sooner or later, every family has a struggle around homework. What happens next? How can we avoid battling with our kids about getting their homework done? Do they really need all this homework, anyway? What if they want more?

In this episode, we host a discussion with Principal Dello Stritto and four PS 58 teachers on the ins and outs of homework. We also have a chat with Fundraising co-chair Geneviève Simard about the Direct Appeal campaign. And as usual, we review upcoming PTA events.

S01E04 Rainbow Club

A discussion of PS 58's new GSA Club, the Rainbow Club. We talk with the Rainbow Club's founders, 2nd Grade teacher Michele Lazar and Assistant Principal Stephen Cedermark, about the club's mission, what meetings are like, and how it all began. We also have a chat with Auction Committee co-chairs Jessica Weitz and Nikki Berry about one of PS 58's most anticipated events of the year: the PTA Auction on March 21.


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