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Co President 1 Molly Rayo co-president1@ps58pta.org
Co President 2 Negar Treister co-president2@ps58pta.org
VP Operations Richard Numeroff vp-operations@ps58pta.org
VP Communications Zachary Knower vp-communications@ps58pta.org
VP Community 1 Kate Andrews vp-community1@ps58pta.org
VP Community 2 Linnea Olson vp-community2@ps58pta.org
Treasurer Offsite Mo Frechette treasurer-offsite@ps58pta.org
Treasurer Onsite Nicole Lanoue treasurer-onsite@ps58pta.org
Fundraising Co-Chair 1 Lisa Collins fundraising-coordinator@ps58pta.org
Fundraising Co-Chair 2 Lindsay Stewart fundraising-coordinator2@ps58pta.org
Secretary Recording Patrick Dempsey secretary-recording@ps58pta.org
Purchasing Manager Edward Straka purchasing@ps58pta.org
Mini Grants Committee Elizabeth Rodriguez-Perez mini-grants@ps58pta.org
5th Grade Rep 1 Elana Konstant fifthgradereps@ps58pta.org
5th Grade Rep 2 Carolyn Loughran fifthgradereps2@ps58pta.org
ArtsCulture Cathy Diana McCullough artsculture@ps58pta.org
Auction Co-Chair 1 Nikki Berry auctionchair@ps58pta.org
Auction Co-Chair 2 Jessica Weitz auctionchair2@ps58pta.org
Carroll Kids Director Carolyn Rogalsky carolynr@ps58pta.org
Carroll Kids Afterschool Manager Terrence Gorman tgorman@ps58pta.org
Carroll Kids Operations Manager Carolyn Pravda cpravda@ps58pta.org
Carroll Kids Enrichment Coordinator Doreen Cretella doreen@ps58pta.org
Community Outreach Marcie Roth communityoutreach@ps58pta.org
DLP Representative Virginie Morel dlp-representative@ps58pta.org
Hospitality Teacher Appreciation 1 Whitney Rallo hospitality1@ps58pta.org
Hospitality Teacher Appreciation 2 Lexi Maddigan hospitality2@ps58pta.org
SLTTeam 1 Marcy Rubenstein SLT1@ps58pta.org
SLTTeam 2 Nancy Randall slt2@ps58pta.org
Volunteer Coordinator Alison Khalaf volunteercoordinator@ps58pta.org

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