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Co President 1 Genevieve Simard
Co President 2 Negar Triester
VP Operations Richard Numeroff
VP Communications Zachary Knower
VP Community 1 Kate Andrews
VP Community 2 Linnea Olson
Treasurer Offsite Mo Frechette
Treasurer Onsite Nicole Lanoue
Fundraising Coordinator 1 Victor Gamez
Fundraising Coordinator 2 Genevieve Simard
Secretary Recording Patrick Dempsey
Purchasing Manager Edward Straka
Mini Grants Committee Elizabeth Rodriguez-Perez
5th Grade Rep 1 Elana Konstant
5th Grade Rep 2 Carolyn Loughran
After School PTA Rep Jean Eva
ArtsCulture Cathy Diana McCullough
Auction Chair 1 Nikki Berry
Auction Chair 2 Jessica Weitz
Auction Donations Jessica Weitz
Carroll Kids Director Carolyn Rogalsky
Carroll Kids Afterschool Manager Terrence Gorman
Carroll Kids Operations Manager Carolyn Pravda
Carroll Kids Enrichment Coordinator Doreen Cretella
Community Outreach Marcie Roth
DLP Representative Virginie Morel
Hospitality Teacher Appreciation 1 Whitney Rallo
Hospitality Teacher Appreciation 2 Lexi Maddigan
SLTTeam 1 Marcy Rubenstein
SLTTeam 2 Nancy Randall
Volunteer Coordinator Nicole Kaufmann

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