5th Grade & Middle School

Fifth grade year is filled with many activities: trips, celebrations, the 5th grade musical, and graduation.  Make sure you pay attention to Konstella messages from the 5th Grade Parent Representatives, who will coordinate many of these activities.  There are many opportunities to volunteer.

Of course, 5th grade is also the year you apply to middle schools.

Middle School Choice in District 15

Staying informed about the middle school choice process is important.  There are no zoned middle schools in our district, and every family will need to look at school choices and create an informed list of schools that are a good fit for their child.  Families are urged to make sure that they are receiving Parent Coordinator Joan Bredthauer’s grade 5 e-blasts.   Some important 5th grade messages may be sent through Konstella.  Families should also sign up for updates directly from the Department of Education at the Connect page.

Middle Schools offer tours and open house events for 5th grade families beginning in early October.  Some schools require you to sign up for these events in late September, so we recommend bookmarking the websites of schools that interest you now, so that you can sign up as soon as the dates are posted.

In the fall, students will receive the D15 Middle School Directory from Lori Mendez, School Counselor.  The directory will also be available online at the DoE website’s Middle School Enrollment page.  In 2018, the middle school application process will be paperless.  Families will have access to their child’s application online, and will submit the application electronically.  You may even receive a suggested list of schools based on your child’s interests.  Families who need assistance with the online application should contact Ms. Mendez or Ms. Bredthauer.  The date to submit your application is December 3rd.

Since we anticipate that the process may change as a result of the recommendations of the Diversity Initiative in our district, we urge 5th grade families to make sure they read their school emails, check backpacks for messages, and attend presentations.

Important Meetings

Middle School Admissions Information Sessions for PS 58 families:

  • September 25th at 9 am in the cafeteria
  • September 26th at 6 pm in room 331

There will be a number of information sessions and district-wide middle school events to help with your school search, too.

CEC 15 Diversity Plan Meeting October 9th, 6:30 pm

  • Hear from the working group about how the plan will affect your child’s middle school application
  • Charles Dewey Middle School, MS 136 4004 4th Avenue, Brooklyn

D15 Middle School Fair October 17th, 5 to 7:30 pm:

  • Office of MS Enrollment Presentations:  5:15pm, 6:00pm, 6:45pm
  • M.S. 88 The Park Slope Educational Campus
    544 7th Avenue, Brooklyn

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