Kindergarten seat offers for September 2018 were sent the week of March 19th.

Pre-registration is complete and all seats have been filled.  We have a wait list of zoned families, too. If you have recently moved to the zone, please call the school to ask about being added to the wait lists.  If seats become available, we will offer registration by appointment in August for new K students.

If you received a wait list notice for PS 58, you do not need to call the school.

We will honor the wait list and contact families in order if seats become available. This is an ongoing process and seats may open up as late as the start of the new school year, or later.  In the meantime, you should pre-register at the school you were offered to secure your seat.  This will not jeopardize your standing on our wait list.


Review of the NYC Kindergarten application process

Children apply for Kindergarten in the year they turn 5.  Children in pre-K programs must re-apply for Kindergarten. The citywide application period for Kindergarten is usually open from late November through mid-January.  Applications are not made at the school.  Instead, applications can be made:

  • Online
  • By phone to 718-935-2009
  • In person at a Family Welcome Center (ours is at 29 Fort Greene Place, basement of Brooklyn Technical HS)

Families may put up to 12 school choices on their application.  At PS 58, we offer Kindergarten, and French Dual Language Kindergarten.  You may place both programs on your application and rank them in order of preference.  You may also list additional programs at other schools.

PS 58 has five Kindergarten classes and two French-English Dual Language classes (a total of seven Kindergarten classes).

French Dual Language Kindergarten

In each of our DLP classes, half of the children are English-dominant, and are ready to learn to read and write first in English, and half are French-dominant or bilingual, and may begin to learn to read and write in French.  As children continue through the program, they each learn the second language.

If you apply to the French Dual Language program you will be asked to indicate the language your child speaks.  Zoned applicants who speak French “Very Well” must come in for a mandatory language verification assessment before the January deadline.  If, as a result of our assessment, we cannot verify that your child is fluent, your child will automatically be entered in the random selection for seat offers to Anglophone applicants.  We recommend that all families applying to the DLP also put our “English” Kindergarten program on the application to increase the chance of a seat offer to PS 58.


PS 58 is a zoned school, which means we must give priority for enrollment to children who live in our school’s zone.  Due to the high number of applications from families within our zone, we have not been able to offer seats to out of zone children for many years.  To find out if you are zoned for PS 58, please enter your home address into the School Search tool at the NYC Department of Education website.

Enrollment Priorities

The Office of Enrollment will send placement notifications to all applicants in March.  In the past several years, based on citywide enrollment priorities, PS 58 seat offers have been given to applicants in the following order, until we reach capacity:

  1. Zoned with a sibling who will be attending PS 58 concurrently
  2. Zoned, no sibling

Wait Lists

When seat offers are sent in March to families who applied by the deadline, our “all-English” Kindergarten program usually has a small wait list of zoned children.  Families who miss the deadline may still be able to apply online after the deadline and be added to the wait list. At some point, the online application closes, and families must contact the school directly to add their child to the wait list. Though we cannot guarantee what will occur this year, in all prior years all zoned families received seat offers to PS 58’s K class–many as late as September.

Our French Dual Language program usually has a very long wait list of zoned Anglophone applicants and sometimes has a short wait list of French-fluent applicants, too. We urge all zoned  families seeking a DLP seat to apply to BOTH of our programs to increase the chance of a seat offer.

Since PS 58 fills its seats with zoned children, out of zone applicants will be placed on a wait list by the Office of Enrollment.  Unfortunately, our school has not been able to offer seats to families on the out-of-zone wait list for many years.


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