Families with offer letters: pre-register by May 3rd by appointment

Kindergarten offer letters were distributed by email and sent via U.S. mail by the Office of Enrollment on March 28th. If you received an offer letter for PS 58, please make an appointment to pre-register your child. Click on the link below. Remember to review What to Bring to Registration. If you have twins, make two appointments.

NOTE: If your child is currently in our Pre-K program DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT. Simply bring your offer letter to Tina Nyffler in the main office.

Wait lists

If your child was wait-listed for PS 58, please contact the school to which you were matched to pre-register by May 3rd. This will NOT affect your place on our wait list.

At this time, we do not have access to our wait list, and cannot provide your child’s wait list number.

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