National School Walkout: We are the change we seek

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On March 14th, inspired by the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas, and in support of National School Walkout Day, students at PS 58 participated in We Are the Change We Seek, an action to draw attention to their wishes for change in their world. Students in all grades wrote their personal wish for change on a wristbands which they then affixed to our school fence for passersby to read. We are proud of our students. This action reinforces our school motto: kindness matters, respect matters & hard work matters.

Each classroom also read a book together about student participation in marches and other actions. Here is the list of books we read in school: 

We March (very simple – great for K-1)

Let the Children March

The Youngest Marcher

I Have the Right to be a Child

Her Right Foot

Brave Girl

A Sweet Smell of Roses


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